Why do Self-heating Pain Relief Patches have good effect?

Release Date:2019-09-09

Far infrared osmotic effect and absorption effect:

When a biological cell produces resonance effect, it can penetrate the far infrared heat energy into the subcutaneous tissue and expand the capillaries.

Promote blood circulation. Strengthen the metabolism of tissues, improve the body's immunity, and thus play a rehabilitation mechanism

Therapeutic effect.

The main features of Aici heat patch are as follows.

It's convenient for you to compare.

Far Infrared Therapy of Airong (Patent Application)

8-15 Micron Optimum Far Infrared

Activating cells under heat action

Magnetic therapy

400-1000 Gauss magnets

Targeted analgesia, detumescence and enhancing drug penetration


40-70 degrees, fever lasting about 10 hours

Acupoints and Far Infrared Airong, Thermosensitive Resonance,

Stimulating drug property, accelerating conduction and improving curative effect

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