We did good job for Germany mould -- T1 samples passed the test.

Release Date:2019-07-11

Last 2 weeks, we did a T1 trial for one electronic project to our German customer. This week, we got the customer's feedback that T1 samples passed the test.

This is an electronic enclosure used for one smart sensor. The mold manufacturing time and T1 time is 5 weeks, and our team did a good job! 

Now the mold is approved to be shipped after inspections next week.

Before mold delivery, we arrange 4 processes in quality inspections. The tool maker checks the first time, the third-party quality inspection company will check the second time, project engineer checks the third time, and our engineering director with 18 years' experience check the fourth time.

All the inspections check-list and ducuments will be sent to customer.

We did good job for Germany mould.jpg

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