The difference among Medical mask,N95 and KN95

Release Date:2020-05-22

About this question, we sought professional answers from 3M technicians:

1. Medical protective mask: in accordance with China GB 19083-2010 mandatory standard, filtration efficiency ≥ 95% (non-oil particulate matter test). A synthetic blood penetration test (to prevent bodily fluids from spattering) is required, and microbial indicators are required.

2. N95 mask: NIOSH certified, non-oily particulate matter filtration efficiency ≥ 95%.

3. KN95 mask: in accordance with Chinese GB 2626 mandatory standards, non-oily particulate matter filtration efficiency ≥ 95%.

The filtration efficiency of the above three levels of masks is tested in the same way! So the filter efficiency level is the same.

So, NIOSH N95 is the same as gb2626-2006 KN95. The key to wearing a mask is to keep it close to your face.

The core standards of industrial masks and consumer masks are the same, according to the GB2626 standard of KN95, KN90 is enough, the medical staff only have the body fluid spray, the environmental concentration is very high, it needs to be very strict. However, it should be noted that some celebrities with the same style of masks are beautiful, but regardless of the protective effect.

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