Introduction of the use of the new meat slicer

Release Date:2019-09-11

Introduction of the use of the new meat slicer

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The new meat-cutting machine has the advantages of beautiful appearance, simple operation, high efficiency, low power consumption of meat cutting machine, easy cleaning and maintenance, safety and hygiene, good meat cutting effect, etc. The shape is beautiful and the meat slicer is compact and durable. Meat processing machinery indispensable to units such as restaurants, canteens, and meat processing plants. Suitable for larger catering or meat processing companies, especially meat cutter manufacturers suitable for use in school canteens and factory canteens. The meat cutting machine base has wheels and flexible movement. The small meat cutting machine manufacturers have low price, and the cutter adopts an external hanging design. The meat cutting machine is convenient for washing and disassembling, and the hygiene is more secure.

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How to use the meat slicer: first clean it with warm water, do not wet the motor. Start the motor first to see if the blade is turning correctly. If it is reversed, it should be corrected immediately. After use, first turn off the power of the meat slicer, remove the removable part, wash it with hot water, and then install it. After washing the machine, dry the water and apply the cooking oil to the knife. When cutting the pork, first cut the meat into pieces, then cut the meat slice horizontally and cut a knife to cut the meat.

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The meat slicer is divided into large, medium and small. The machine suitable for the output can be selected according to the occasion. For a small restaurant, a very small meat slicer can meet the needs. There is no need to estimate the choice. Machine's.

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