Huayuan general mask products have obtained CE and FDA certification

Release Date:2020-05-22

Since the resumption of work and production, huayuan health industry investment group has received frequent reports of success. Recently, after obtaining the CE (European Union food and drug administration) 

Certification, the oral products of shenzhen huayuan youpu medical technology co., LTD., a subsidiary of the group, have obtained the FDA (us food and drug administration) certification. As we all know, CE, as a kind of safety certification mark, has been regarded as the passport for manufacturers to open and enter the European market. Therefore, huayuan has obtained the double certification of general mask products, which indicates that the company has made positive and necessary preparations for entering the European and American markets.



At present, the global epidemic is still severe, and the European and American governments and people have increasingly realized the necessity and importance of scientific prevention and control of the epidemic. The double certification of huayuan universal mask products has undoubtedly laid a solid and powerful foundation for the company to expand overseas markets and help the people in Europe and the United States to fight against the epidemic.

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