Falling is the leading cause of death for elderly

Release Date:2019-11-27

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), falls are the second leading cause of accidents or deaths worldwide. Each year, an estimated 646,000 people die from falls, adults over 65 suffer the most from fatal falls.

Because as adults grow older, their balance can be impaired for a variety of reasons, their blood vessels often become thinner and more likely to rupture, their vision begins to deteriorate, affecting their perception of depth, and reaction time becomes slow.

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The injuries that elderly people may suffer after a fall include head injuries, internal and external bleeding, and fractures of the wrists, shoulders, and hips. If the condition after the fall is not severe, surgical repair is sufficient. If the condition is severe, sequelae or even death may occur.   

And the first fall will also cause them to be afraid of falling again, losing independence and having difficulty completing all activities in daily life, which will seriously affect the quality of life and cause depression.

Caring for the elderly and giving them a healthy and happy life is the obligation and responsibility of each child. 

But how to effectively protect the elderly at home from harm?

For the question, the ACF laboratory, based on artificial cartilage bionic technology, has successfully developed ACF artificial cartilage bionic material after more than 12,000 tests in 6 years. This material can absorb more than 90% of the impact force and instantly convert the impact energy into insignificant thermal energy, thereby effectively protecting the human body from harm. According to the characteristics of human body structure, ACF laboratory launches all-round human body protection such as shoulder protector, back protector, elbow protector, hip protector, knee protector, only for your family's health!


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