Conductive cloth

Release Date:2020-08-01

Thickness: 0.08MM±0.02MM

Basis weight: unit KG/25MM >18MM

Tension resistance unit:% 28±5

Surface impedance: ≤0.05 ohm

color: gray

Electromagnetic shielding frequency: 100K-3GHz.

  Smoothness: good


1. When it is necessary to use the conductive cloth tape in the low magnetic state of the natural environment, the tape should be warmed to room temperature (about 20℃) for more than three hours.

2. The conductive cloth tape products are packaged in wrapping paper or film, and packed in appropriate cartons.

3. The conductive cloth tape should be placed in a cool place to avoid high temperature or high humidity. The quality assurance room is 6 months after production. Conductive cloth tape is suitable for computers, mobile phones, wires, cables and other electronic and electrical products, mainly to shield or isolate the interference of electromagnetic waves or infinite waves during high-frequency transmission.

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