Car cover manufacturer

Release Date:2019-10-03

Billions Intech (Shenzhen) Ltd. Is a professional OEM/ODM gifts and premium manufacturer, has many years experience in outdoor functional fabric industry. We are a set of independent research and development, professional production, global sales and quality service in one of the outdoor functional fabric suppliers. The company also has three patented technology: anti-rat bite outdoor fabric, cold insulation tents fabric, and three-in-one functional composite fabric. Make all kind of outdoor cover, car interior set, pet seat, backpack and outdoor set.

Our factory has more than 8000sqm with156pcs machine equipment and 160 skill workers. Monthly capability is 300,000pcs of car cover and other products.

If you are looking for quality, good service and easy communication supplier to improve your business, we are absolutely one to give you all the best concern. Send us your inquiry now, we will follow up asap.

Looking for build a very good long term relationship with you.

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