A New Way of Eddy Current Vegetable Washing Machine

Release Date:2019-07-19

A New Way of Eddy Current Vegetable Washing Machine

Nowadays, many new equipments have been developed. Every kind of society has brought great help to society and life. In the aspect of washing vegetables, a kind of eddy current dishwasher has appeared. Many people have a shallow understanding of this kind of equipment, and this kind of equipment is seldom used in life. Generally speaking, it is a kind of eddy current dishwasher. Appear in factories or large occasions, and the purchase price may be slightly higher than the general price, because the use of the effect is still very large. In many places, there are many ways to clean vegetables, some of them will use a variety of methods to disinfect or sterilize. These processes are very time-consuming. The eddy current washing machine can integrate these processes into one, thus saving most of the time, not only simple cleaning, but also simple cleaning. In the follow-up work, the process of sterilization and deoxygenation can be carried out more quickly. Therefore, the eddy current dishwasher is not as simple as the previous equipment, and it still spends a lot of thought on research and development, so when reusing it, we should pay more attention to it.

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